Deja Vu All Over Again…

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Day #10
And here I sit.

In front of the computer again thinking, searching, grasping, hoping for some little bit of inspiration that will allow me to place words on this page that are entertaining, intriguing, enlightening and some other “ing” word that I cannot quite put my finger on. This is often how it goes and from what I’m gathering from some other writers I’ve become acquainted with, this is pretty status quo. It’s natural to sit and try to make something from virtually nothing. Some writers have rituals, some have a list of topics…throw a dart and write about whatever it hits. Others read the paper daily and write about something that catches their eye. Others it seems…just flow and it seems seamless.

And those are the folks I want to know.

Despite the lag, the longing, the searching for topics, I still cannot imagine doing anything else. Whether I write something for others to read, write something for my novel or short story series, or just write something to vent my frustrations about some person, people, or event…the writing process is still one of the most amazing forms of expression for me. Artists take images they see and duplicate them on a canvas or in a sculpture and may add a twist to coincide with their own interpretation. Dancers transform thought and feeling into beautiful rhythmic movements that tell a tale of joy, sorrow, pain, or love. You would think it would be easy for a writer. You simply use words that already exist and put them together to tell people what you see and feel. But like any form of art…it’s just not that easy.

And oddly enough…that’s the beauty of it.

The beauty lies in the end result. The struggle, the frustration, the maddening pauses that last minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months between sentences, thoughts and scenes…may just be one of the most amazing experiences in the world. Because in the end…it all comes together. It flows. You feel the passion in the words, the feelings of the characters, and you find yourself being transported into an entirely new world. The icing on the cake is the ability to share that with others and experience it all again from their point of view.

My only regret with the writing process…is that it took me so long to realize just how much I loved it. I’ve written poems and essays in the past and I’ve loved that…but in the end I was fearful of writing anything more or actually sharing it with others. These days, I feel a little more…fearless. Well, maybe not fearless. Honestly, I’m always concerned when I share my work with anyone. But I put it out there anyway and let the chips fall where they may. Every attempt is a learning experience and a chance to be better the next day.

So whether your passion is writing, painting, dancing, sketching, swimming, or golf…embrace it. Love it. Even if you spend a great deal of time just staring ahead wondering what to do next. Some may say you’re doing it wrong…but at least you’re doing it. For now…I’ll post this…hope you enjoy it and get something out of it…and then tomorrow I’ll sit in front of this thing again waiting for a thought or brilliant idea.

And I’ll love every minute of it!


About My PoeticJustus

Look, I'll be honest. These "about me" sections drive me nuts. Basically because I'm awful at self promotion. Ok, not so much awful as, uncertain. I mean, what do I say? How much do I share? Do people really care? Here's what I'll do. I'll share some info and you can just decide what you like and what you don't. Deal? Cool!! So, I am Chicago born writer moonlighting as a mental health professional. Now, my paycheck and bank account would tell you that the opposite is true. But in my heart, I'm a writer. I have a few characters that I am very passionate about and some stories to tell and in between there, I have thoughts to share. Some are serious, some are funny...ok...most are funny. Nothing brings me more joy than stirring up the pot, pointing out hypocrisy, and getting people to think outside the box and challenge their long held beliefs. I don't want to change your mind or your habits...just think of me as the Devil's Advocate. So hey! Sit back, take a read, and feel free to let me know what you think. See ya around cyberspace!! Dennis
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